About a month ago, Internet Marketing Strategist Codrut Turcanu approached me about interviewing me for his up-coming book.

I had no idea who Codrut was and why he wanted me to be a part of his project, but after communicating with him through e-mail a few times I ended up agreeing to do the interview. The book has just been released for free here > Authentic Connections 2.0 and it’s got a ton of good information in there.

Here’s a few of the things that I learned in reading this, hopefully you’ll find some gold nuggets in there as well.

-Chris Guthrie of MakeMoneyOnTheInternet.com talks about how he his failures have helped lead to major successes for him. This is important because everyone naturally assumes that making money online is easy. Making money is never easy and takes work to get to the point where you want to be.

-Neal Rodriquez talks a bunch about how he used Digg to get ranked on the top of Google for extremely competitive political terms.

-Nick Tart of JuniorBiz.com speaks about his passions and gives a great quote about getting publicity. “Do a good job: provide value, and the right people will follow you.”

Viveka Von Rosen is a recognized LinkedIn expert and shares tips on the most effective and efficient methods on using LinkedIn to grow your brand.

Yaro Starak is a high-profile, six-figure Internet entrepreneur and blogger with a strong passion and desire to help others model on his success. He speaks about the Pillar Article concept and how it can change the way you blog. A must read in my opinion.

This is just a little preview of what’s inside of Authentic Connections 2.0 and you should definitely check it out 😉