Grow Your Biz

A lot of people ask me if I do consulting because of the information I share and the insights that I have developed over the years. I’m here to tell you that you probably don’t want to hire me.

I value my time more than anything. The free time I have created by building my businesses in a way that allows me to live what is my dream life. Spending time traveling, surfing or just exploring the world is some of the most important things in my life.

That being said, if you absolutely must hire me. You’ll have to send me $1,000 on paypal to [email protected] to get my attention and prove you’re actually worth me thinking about helping.

Upon receiving the $1,000 I’ll have my assistant forward you a questionnaire and set up a time to see if you qualify for the hour consulting. If my assistant feels like you’re not a fit, she will refund your money and I’ll never have to hear about it.

If she determines that you and I would be a good mentor/mentee relationship, she’ll forward me your questionnaire and I’ll see if you make the cut and if we should set up a call to see if it’s worth it.

There’s a good chance I’ll never see your information because my assistant understands how much I value my time and she knows I don’t have time for people who won’t get off their ass and take action on the information I share with you.

If that happens, you’ll get refunded and I’ll get to spend more time surfing.

If she determines that you’re worth coaching, we’ll transform your business.


Here’s what a few people have said about working with Chris:

“A guy like Chris is hard to come by- authentic and knowledgeable,
Chris has fresh ideas and a lot of ‘golden nuggets’ that can put you in the forefront
of your marketplace and achieve maximum results.
Chris Hughes under promises and over delivers!”
– Karen Brand Roy


More Testimonials

“Chris brings fantastic energy and enthusiasm to projects. His insights into getting results for businesses are refreshing and inspiring. I encourage anyone interested in pushing their business to the next step to seek out a collaboration with Chris.”
– Sarah Bonse

“Chris really knows his stuff. Internet marketing, social media marketing and blogging are like second-nature to him. His experience and ideas are amazing and I can always expect great marketing and business growth tips from chris every time I talk to him. He is someone you want to connect with as soon as possible because he will make your business more money faster and create more exposure for less. Period. Get to know him, hire him and you will NOT regret it. Thanks for all the help Chris!”
-David King

“Chris did a good job setting up my social media. He spent time with me on the phone and via emial and gave very good advice.”
-Brigham Young

“Chris Hughes is pleasant to work with and has an array of knowledge in various fields.”
-Deb Webb