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Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote Speech at Inc 500

If you’ve never heard of Gary Vaynerchuk, you are in for a huge surprise. Gary is one of my favorite people of all time because of his hustle. He’s extremely passionate about Entrepreneurship and often curses during his speeches, but that is part of who he is and I love that about him. (If you don’t like curse words this might not be for you)

This is a long speech (1 hour) but it’s definitely worth stopping whatever you are doing right now and watching this all the way through. There’s seriously so much good information in this speech that I’ve already watched it twice.


Stop Whatever You’re Doing And Watch This Now!

Gary Vee talks all about the impact of Social Media and how it’s going to impact your life as well as your business’ life.


Some of my favorite quotes from this speech:

“Customer service: DEFENSE. Thank you: OFFENSE”

“People are not looking at billboards and outdoor media. They aren’t even looking at the f***ing road.”

“We are living in a world where there’s no hiding”


Gary’s books:


Do you have a hobby you wish you could do all day? An obsession that keeps you up at night? Now is the perfect time to take those passions and make a living doing what you love. In CRUSH IT! Why NOW Is The Time To Cash In On Your Passion, Gary Vaynerchuk shows you how to use the power of the Internet to turn your real interests into real businesses. Gary spent years building his family business from a local wine shop into a national industry leader. Then one day he turned on a video camera, and by using the secrets revealed in this book, transformed his entire life and earning potential by building his personal brand. By the end of this book, any reader will have learned how to harness the power of the Internet to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true. Step by step, CRUSH IT! is the ultimate driver′s manual for modern business.

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The Thank You Economy

If this were 1923, this book would have been called “Why Radio Is Going to Change the Game” . . .

If it were 1995, it would be “Why Amazon Is Going to Take Over the Retailing World” . . .

The Thank You Economy is about something big, something greater than any single revolutionary platform. It isn’t some abstract concept or wacky business strategy—it’s real, and every one of us is doing business in it every day, whether we choose to recognize it or not. It’s the way we communicate, the way we buy and sell, the way businesses and consumers interact online and offline. The Internet, where The Thank You Economy was born, has given consumers back their voice, and the tremendous power of their opinions via social media means that companies and brands have to compete on a whole different level than they used to.

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The Secret of Deliberate Practice

In this video I speak about something that I learned about called deliberate practice:

An excerpt from Talent is Overrated: What Really Separates World Class Performers from Everybody Else

“The factor that seems to explain the most about great performance is something the researchers call deliberate practice. Exactly what that is and isn’t turns out to be extremely important. It definitely isn’t what most of us do on the job every day, which begins to explain the great mystery of the workplace- why we’re surrounded by so many people who have worked hard for decades but have never approached greatness. Deliberate practice is also not what most of us do when we’re practicing golf of the oboe or any of our other interests. Deliberate practice is hard. It hurts. But it works. More of it equals better performance. Tons of it equals great performance.”

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Talent is Overrated:
What Really Separates World Class Performers from Everybody Else



What are your experiences with Deliberate Practice?

Are You A Consumer or Creator?

In this video I talk about the difference between a consumer and a creator when it comes to consuming content online.


There is a balance between consuming and creating, but as an Entrepreneur you need to spend a majority of your time on creating. Creating can be anything from blogs, videos to information products that you can sell.

When you focus your time on the creation side, you will further improve your online branding and you will be able to sell the content that you create.

Are you currently creating a product?

LinkedIn Marketing: Job Opportunities & More Business

LinkedIn Marketing

Over the past 2 days I’ve been studying LinkedIn a lot. The reason for this is pretty simple… to find a job as well as to get more clients for my business.

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When I start to learn new things, I read a lot. I buy books, read websites, ask questions, email people, send PM’s on Facebook and generally become a big pain in the ass to anyone and everyone who might be able to teach me something about the subject I’m trying to learn…

This time was no different….

I spent a few hours googling techniques on how to properly use LinkedIn to get a job, how to use LinkedIn to get more clients and how to grow your professional network on LinkedIn.

I asked a few questions and came across Lewis Howes of Linked Influence. I had heard of Lewis before and had even connected with him on LinkedIn, but that was the extent of my connection with him.

Turns out that Lewis is the go-to guy when it comes to LinkedIn. I was lucky enough to listen in on a Webinar that he was a guest on and received some tips that have helped me become the #4 ranking out of over 168,000 results for the term “Internet Marketing Consultant”.

You can click on the image to make it bigger to see if you don’t believe me, or you can go to LinkedIn and type in “Internet Marketing Consultant”.

So What’s The Big Deal?

Exactly! Who gives a crap that I got on the first page for Internet Marketing Consultant right?

Something that is pretty cool to me is that I wasn’t even on page 7 for that term prior to doing just a FEW of the secrets that Lewis shared in this Webinar. What is this going to mean to my business? Well currently I am showing up on the first page of LinkedIn for what I actually WANT to be paid for doing.

This means that when people are searching for an internet marketing consultant, they will come across ME. They will find my information and hopefully click on it. I have a picture of me juggling so hopefully that piques their interest as well and drives even more people to my profile. This is all part of my USP (Unique Selling Proposition) so I hope that it will work out well!

I am also on page 2 for the term “Social Media Consultant” and am working my way towards getting on the first page for that. This was all done with just a few of the tips from Lewis. I’m telling you this dude’s a freakin’ genius when it comes to LinkedIn.

Spending More Time on LinkedIn

I never used to spend time on LinkedIn.

I thought it was intimidating, full of boring “corporate” people and not valuable to me or my business.

Well, LinkedIn now has over 100 MILLION members and the average household income for these people is $109,000!

I’ve always read that it’s beneficial to hang out with people who have the amount of money you want to have because your income is directly proportional to the 6 people you spend the most time with. This means I will be spending more time on LinkedIn!

Want some more cool facts about LinkedIn?

Executives from ALL Fortune 500 Companies are registered on LinkedIn.

45% of LinkedIn’s members are considered the major decision makers for their companies.
(Twitter &  Facebook account for only 24%-29%)

How cool is that?

The people from companies that I want to work with/for are already registered on LinkedIn and I’m able to connect with the decision makers for a company. This means I will save time when connecting with these decision makers.

I won’t be dealing with a ton of gatekeepers when I’m trying to get directly to the source. Talk about a HUGE time saver for me!

I don’t know about you, but i’m going to be spending a LOT more of my time on LinkedIn and I believe that you should too!

A Few LinkedIn Optimization Tips!


Here are 3 of the 5 spots you NEED to have your keyword on your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Specialties
  2. Current Job
  3. Past Job

If you want to learn the other 2 tips, you’ll need to watch the video below 😉


Click on the Video Below to Learn More!

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