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What Does Your Logo Tell Your Audience?

london symphony orchestra logo

I want to give you a sort of challenge right off the bat to get your mind in the right state to read the rest of this article..

What do you see here?

london symphony orchestra logo


Image Source: 21 Famous Logos with Mind-Blowing Hidden Messages


Do you see the letters LSO? This is the logo for the London Symphony Orchestra and appears to be just the letters LSO.

But, if you look closely enough you will recognize that there is actually something a little deeper than just the letters…

Do you see a conductor with a wand?

Ahh, now you probably see it. How crazy is that?

Now I’m going to guess that you are thinking about a logo that you have seen that you noticed a little hidden meaning in.

There are many logos out there that have similar little subconscious effects on your mind, just as this one from the London Symphony Orchestra does. Think about the last time you saw a FedEx truck drive by you. I know for me, I always see that little arrow inside of the logo that’s ALWAYS pointing forward. Whenever I see this, I immediately think that these guys are on a mission and are constantly moving forward.


What does your logo say about your business?

I’m sure that when you were starting your business you might have gotten hung up on what to do with your logo.

What colors should you use, what type of font, etc etc. I know when I was getting the logo created for my business, Brain Smart Success, I had a little idea within my head but wasn’t 100% sure on it.

I also realized that logos and graphic design work is not anywhere close to the stuff that I am good at. So what did I do?

I hired experts to create the logo for me. I went to LogoNerds and had them create me a logo and they let me choose what I liked and didn’t so that we could correct it and make the logo something that I truly loved.

Take a look at the Brain Smart Success logo…

brain smart success


My goal with this logo was to get people immediately thinking about how the brain affects your life. That’s why we had the brain connect into the face. I personally believe that our thoughts influence our reality and the brain is one of the most powerful tools we have access to… which means it controls all aspects of our life.

Also, the tagline is “More Success, More Fun” because we realize that when you get more success, it puts you in a position to have more fun with your life.

Now I want you to think a little bit about your brands logo.

What is it telling your future customers?

Is there any meaning behind the brand name or is it just something that you thought sounded good so you created a company around it?

Is there any subtle hints pointing at what your business does from within the image of the logo?

While you may not have anything subliminal in your brands logo, just be aware that some brands are using this as another form of spreading their message across. To me, I think that is awesome because it further solidifies the brand in our minds and makes us remember it.

I want you to leave a comment below if you’ve ever spotted a subliminal message in any marketing and what logo/business it was so I can look at it and see if I can find it as well!





How to Build a System and Make Money

Hey guys Chris Hughes here and right now I’m live at Finca Lerida here in Boquete, Panama.


In this video you’ll get to see the Finca Lerida coffee plantation. One of my buddies Cole, who was filming this video went to the top of the mountain there to have some coffee and share this experience with you.


This video is to show a little bit about the experiences I’ve been having while living in Panama.


The reason I wanted to create this short video was to show you how businesses are built in the offline brick-n-mortar world. You need to have some type of a system that you can run people through.


For example in the video here, we drove up an entire mountain to have the coffee that was produced at this place because the coffee there is so fresh and delicious and being above everything else is totally worth the experience.


The cool thing about Finca Lerida is that you get to see how everything is made.


When you are driving up the hill, you get to see rows and rows of coffee plants all over the place.


In the video I show some pictures of the rows of coffee, some pictures of the guys naturally roasting the coffee beans from the sun below where I am standing in that video.


In a little building in the distance of this video you get to see where the next step of the coffee process is, you know all the finishing touches and things like that.


To me, it is awesome to witness something like that where you get to see the entire process of being created and actually seeing where the product is being consumed.


When you are running a business you need to have some type of system in place otherwise you will not succeed. You see, Systems Succeed, People are the ones who fail.


Right now I’m actually using the Empower Network system to help train people on how to sell things online and earn an income from the internet.


If you want to learn more, which you know you do, all you have to do is click here.

Marketing Lessons on the beach

Chris Hughes in Costa Rica

A few days ago I woke up in Guanacaste, Costa Rica and looked out the window of the place I was staying to see a beautiful site…

Chris Hughes in Costa Rica


Upon waking up my friends and I decided to walk along the beach at Langosta where I was staying to the beach at Tamarindo which was about a 20 minute walk down the beach. We hiked over some rocks, through a trail overlooking the water and then eventually back down onto the beach. While we were walking and just chatting a bit about life, happiness and how we can create more things of value for those around us we decided to stop at a little restaurant on the beach since the waves didn’t look too big yet.

We had originally left the house so we could surf, but it was breakfast time so we stopped to get some grub.

Upon walking into Nogui’s we saw some friends sitting down having some fresh coconuts so we sat down at a table next to them. Our one friend Matt runs a business down there where he does different types of fishing trips for tourists, so we got talking a little bit about business and how he had just signed up a group to go on a boat tour later that day…while he was sitting there having breakfast.

We got to talking about how businesses run and operate a little bit differently down there than in a busy city in the states. Typically a business owner in the states would be working all day in their office, buying advertisements and paying for different TV commercials to differentiate themselves from the other businesses.

Down in Costa Rica, Matt had simply started a conversation with these guys sitting at a nearby table to chat a little about what they do and what they were planning on doing while down in Costa Rica.

They had said they were planning on doing some canopy tours, surfing a little bit and really wanted to go on a surfing boat.

ding ding ding, a fresh lead for Matt.

Because Matt had been engaging in conversation with these guys and was trying to ultimately help them find good things to do and good businesses to do these activities through, he ended up booking a tour later that day that would make him money. He probably wasn’t planning on booking a tour that morning at breakfast, but because he was outgoing and trying to help some tourists he ended up making some money.

This does happen from time to time in the states, but the way it happened in Costa Rica was something that really resonated with what I had learned at a seminar I took while down there visiting.

Give value, help others and be a good person.

Matt’s original goal of the conversation was just to have a good little chat with some guys and see if he could help them out in any way. He is a local so knows his way around and has something of value to add (his knowledge).

What’s fascinating about this is that Matt was not trying to get anything from these people. He wasn’t doing an in-your-face hard-sell trying to force these guys to buy a fishing tour that they didn’t want.

He simply chatted with them, probably cracked quite a few jokes because he’s a funny guy, and ultimately wanted to help make their experience better.

This led to a conversation that naturally flowed into them wanting to buy a tour from his company. Pretty cool, right?

It’s amazing how simple it can be to find leads to grow your business when you are focusing on genuinely helping people out and not worried so much about the money. The money just seems to follow when you are providing value without expecting anything in return.

There seems to be different lessons I am learning everyday that are helping me grow my business faster than ever before.

If you’d like to start your own business doing online marketing and be able to travel the world, you can get started for only $25.

Infographic: Small Businesses Seeking Guidance

Via: Small Business Banking


While Laws and Regulations is something that is beyond their reach thanks to the government being in control of all laws/regulations, there are other ways that we can help grow these businesses.

You can get a little help with cashflow by starting a business that requires minimal capital to start, such as starting a business blog for only $25.

Image courtesy of basketman /

Cash Flow Management needs to be placed under a microscope many times and you need to look at where you are spending the money, learn how to track which marketing campaigns are providing a positive ROI for your business. If one of the campaigns you are running does not yield a positive return, you should stop placing money towards that.

Cutting your own personal spending habits has been another way that has allowed me to switch my cash flow to the positive. You can learn a lot more about this in the book I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi.

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