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Jumping Into a Blue Hole in Freeport, Bahamas


Have you ever had that crazy little feeling rush through your entire body when you’re standing over a cliff looking off of it?

If you’ve ever jumped off a bridge into a river, jumped off a cliff into the ocean or done anything where you were jumping off a height you have felt that feeling.

The feeling where you think “oh shit, this is stupid


fu%* it, YOLO

This feeling happened to me the other day while I was in Freeport in the Bahamas.

We drove about 30 minutes out into the middle of no where. I mean literally out in the middle of nowhere. We were driving down a main road one minute and then we ended up driving off-road down this super narrow path (you’ll see in the video).

About 10 minutes of driving down this road that was all rocky and broken up, good thing we had a truck!

All of a sudden my buddy who is driving STOPS the car and says we’re here!

I look around and see nothing much…

except for another little path cleared out.

I immediately started walking towards the path and continued walking down the path until BAM there’s a huge hole in the earth.

I look down into the hole and sure enough theres water down there that is crystal clear. You can see something that looks like a wood platform that appears to be about 5 feet below the water. After jumping I learned that the wood structure was about 30 feet down under the water but because it was so clear that you can see so deep.

A few minutes later my friend who has been there many times before jumps in. Then it comes up to my turn… I walk over to the edge while holding my GoPro and said “fu&* it! YOLO!” and jumped in.

Yes, that feeling was running through my entire body but I faced my fear directly. I jumped.

and DAMN was it awesome. For 2 seconds you’re in free fall and then you hit the water to some of the most refreshing, although chilly, water that I’ve ever been in. It woke me up and made me feel alive and there is no feeling in the world like conquering your fear and then feeling the success of conquering your fear.

When is the last time that you conquered your fear? What was it?

Leave your comments below!

What’s it like getting a haircut in a foreign country?

Since I’ve been down here in Panama, I had let my hair grow a little out of control…

Chris Hughes on the way to Costa Rica

Chris Hughes on the way to Costa Rica

That was on the way to Costa Rica… I had a little beard growing and my hair was quite long…

and then the other day when we got back to Panama, my buddy Cole told me he’d cut my hair for me…

and it turned out to be just like the good ole Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber!

Chris Hughes dumb and dumber

this was probably the funniest my hair had ever looked… pretty close to the bowl cut I used to have when I was a little guy.

The truth is that there was no bowl used to cut my hair, simply a little Ron Abuelo and some scissors. (Ron Abuelo is some rum made down here that’s quite tasty btw)

Well I kept that haircut for a few days over the New Years because all the barbers in the city here were all closed to celebrate. They apparently didn’t care that I looked like Lloyd.

I ended up just using some gel so it looked presentable for the New Years festivities…

Chris Hughes entrepreneur

New Years Celebration

and so far the New Year has been pretty awesome for me. I’m very close to reaching a new goal I set for myself, I’ve been drinking some crazy green juice at the restaurant here every day that turns me into a super-human machine, and am having an awesome time.

Well yesterday I ended up deciding it would be a good time to go get my hair cut….and we just happened to be in town and saw that one of the barbers in town was open!

Cole was sitting there with me so he could witness how the hair cut would be fixed and just happened to be snapping pictures lol



and part 2…



Hahaha this looked so ridiculous I just had to share it with you guys.

It now looks better, it’s cut shorter everywhere and actually looks similar to my normal hair cut. It’s a lot less hair on my head and makes me feel quite a bit better.

Who knows, maybe someday I’ll grow my hair out really long if I can ever figure out how to do it right.. it just doesn’t make sense to me.

Anyway, I just thought this was kinda funny and thought maybe you’d get a kick out of it.

Hope you’re having an awesome day!

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My First Adventure to Universal Studios

If you didn’t know, I have a part-time job working as a door host at Universal Studios: CityWalk at the karaoke bar, Rising Star.

It’s an awesome job because I get to stand at the front door, flirt with girls and joke around with guys who come in. One of my all-time favorite things to do is make other people happy (my friend Kara pointed out how weirdly happy making other people happy made me) and this job lets me make people happy.

Well, if you work at a theme park like Universal you get free tickets to the park because you work there. I hadn’t taken the time to actually use this until my friend Aly told me she wanted me to go to the park with her.

We visited Hogwarts and I had my first Butterbeer!

Visiting Hogwarts

Chris Hughes Universal Studios Harry Potter

So this was the first time I got to spend time in the parks, and it was a blast! We rode pretty much every roller coaster, including The Hulk( which we went on TWICE).

I also did a little juggling in Seuss Landing!

Chris Hughes juggling Seuss Landing(Notice I didn’t have juggling balls so was forced to juggle my own shoes and wallet)

I also spent $5 in quarters on the Popeye ride spraying people with water after they went down the drop.

Well, I gave little kids quarters to hit the button to soak the riders…

Seeing them smile was pretty excellent. Some kid even gave me a high five and couldn’t stop smiling after him and his parents were walking away.

Things like this make me super super stoked.

Other pics from the day..

Chris Hughes funny

Jurassic Park store

Chris Hughes at universal studios thinking of you

Wish you were here!

Chris Hughes Universal Studios adventure

Aly and I broke the ship…

March 8, 2012

Interesting Infographic on The Secret Tax

This is a pretty interesting little infographic I came across. I knew that the companies I buy stuff from have to pay for a small credit card transaction and that’s a cost of running the business. I wasn’t aware of the other little fees that there are. I guess when I go out to local places in Orlando I will need to start using cash more so they get to keep more of the money. Plus, maybe i’ll get some cool discounts… what do you think local Orlando businesses?

Via: Point of sale software

Now if you want to pay me to work for you, I’ll still accept all forms of payment. Feel free to give me as much money as you can and I will gladly accept it.

What are your experiences and thoughts about this?

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