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The Law of Receptivity

The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving. –The fifth law of stratospheric success.

This law gave me the hardest time when I first read “The Go-Giver” however in “Go-Givers Sell More”, I have learned a very important concept that WAS mentioned in the Go-Giver but I had mis-interpreted it.

It’s not better to give than to receive. It’s insane to try to give and not receive.

It is important that we feel grateful for receiving the sale. Not resent the fact that we forced a sale or merely made a sale. The sale has ultimately helped the person who bought the product/service. We have merely allowed for the exchange to happen and have helped move the customer along their journey of solving the problem.

I’ve always been aware of the yin and yang principles and the equal balance that this means.

There is a constant flow of the universe, a flow of giving and receiving. The rain falls and gives water to the earth, the sun evaporates the water and maintains an equal balance. The same is true with sales, there is an equal balance of someone giving and someone receiving. I needed to learn to accept that fact that I would be the one receiving monetary compensation for what I was doing. (This was hard for me to truly understand, but thinking of it this way has helped me)

It is a switch in mindset that allows for this law to work

As you are familiar with if you have ever spoken with a successful individual, one of the main traits that these people have is that of generosity. They also see that receiving is the other side of the spectrum of giving and are open to receiving. These people eagerly receive and delight in the reception just as they eagerly give and are delighted to pass on what they learn. Instead of going against the flow of the universe, they merely join in with the flow.

The Attitude of Gratitude (+1 point for rhyme)

Something that I often overlooked was all of the great things in my life, the great people and the great opportunities that I have. I definitely have taken a lot of it for granted and didn’t take the time to appreciate all that life had to offer. I am so appreciative of all that I have, my family and friends, my health, a place to live, an opportunity to get a college education, the ability to network and help people like you and the opportunities to leave a legacy behind.

By being grateful for what we already have, this helps us get into a state of being more receptive when it is our time to receive the compensation for our work or even the acknowledgements from our work.

What I’ve learned is that Genuine Go-Givers don’t only focus on giving…they’d be crazy for doing that! They are also aware of the gifts that they receive and are delighted by these gifts!

Blessings from out of nowhere…

I’m going to be honest with you about this part. I started this blog because I ultimately wanted to be able to make money online. I wanted to be able to build up my personal brand and create something that was valuable to Entrepreneur’s and help people better understand how to use the internet to build their business. What I didn’t realize was how much it would truly affect people’s lives. I thought “hey, I’m just one young entrepreneur, how many people can I really help?”.

However, the opportunities that have come out of Social Media networking and building up my blog have been amazing. I’ve had the opportunities to meet great people and great authors who I NEVER thought in a million years would take the time to talk to a kid from Waverly, NY like me…

I’ve realized that by creating valuable resources and things that genuinely help people, I have attracted people to me from all over the country, some from all around the world! It’s amazing how much the information that I have been learning and sharing has helped people. I think that if you are reading this and are unsure or stuck on the fence about getting a blog started to get over it. Just do it.

You have more knowledge and are learning lessons that can and most likely will help people. Please do yourself and start to share what you learn! I can’t promise that you will become wildly successful because of doing this, but there is a chance that you can influence one persons life, that could be worth it for you. Just be genuine and remember to provide value!

Plant seeds of value, relationships will develop and people will start to Know,Like and Trust you. The seeds will grow into full fledged trees that have networks of 250-100,000 people and you never know who is going to share your story and how it might connect you, potentially landing you a great job or connecting you with your best client ever.

I’d like to leave you with a few words of encouragement.

Create value; touch people’s lives; build networks; be real; stay open.

Plant; trust; harvest.

and if you haven’t bought Go-Givers Sell More yet….I recommend that you get your mouse ready to click the link below and buy the book. It WILL change your business AND life… in a good way 😉

The Law of Authenticity

“The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.” The fourth law of stratospheric success.

As a salesperson, we were probably told to “step outside of your comfort zone.” I know that when I first got started and was cold calling, I sure wasn’t acting like myself… I was all hesitant and nervous because I was scared people would reject me and tell me they hated me. I never had anyone tell me they hated me, but I also never made any sales… if that sounds like you, this post will be worth reading.

You will need to grow your comfort zone..

I’m not saying that you can not change at all and still be successful, that would be a lie and I am as honest as I can be with you here. You will need to change and expand your comfort zone or you won’t be successful. What you need to realize is that growing your comfort zone allows for YOU to determine when and how big of changes you make in your life. If you want to coach 100 people a year, you will need to first start off small, coaching maybe 5-10 people for the first month or 2 to get used to what you need to be doing to be a successful coach. This allows for you to grow your comfort level and allows for you to control your comfort level. I personally had a hard time getting in front of the camera to make marketing videos, but I did not when juggling… strange, but I guess I felt the information I have in my head isn’t valuable..silly me.

Once I created my first video teaching a few MLM tips that I picked up and received some feedback on the video, I realized that it wasn’t that bad and I have been creating videos since 🙂 (If you need someone to help you get started with getting videos up, I’d love to review the videos and help you get more comfortable with it, or I recommend talking to @GabeStrom as he is brilliant at video marketing and being comfortable in front of the camera!)

In sales…if you’re uncomfortable, do you think the other person will be comfortable?

I know that when I’m listening to someone talk and they seem uncomfortable, it really affects how I feel about the situation/seminar/class. I seem to sort of lose some focus as I feel the presentation isn’t allowing the person/teacher to be themselves. I don’t like it when people have to act like someone else. It’s important to be who you are and be true to yourself. Crack some jokes if you feel it will help you create bonds with your audience, reference news topics that interest you and might be of interest to your followers, they will appreciate it. It also allows for them to bond with you more.

This happens with dating as well, I’ve been back on the dating scene and I see some people who are on first or second dates and they have the whole “uncomfortable factor” where both people sit there a little awkwardly. I’m not going to say it’s not awkward for me on first dates, however I basically just sit back and be myself, cracking some jokes and having fun. If it doesn’t work out, at least i’ll walk away with a friend. The same thing is important for everything you do in marketing. You need to be able to be yourself and really enjoy what you are doing, some people will like it and buy from you and other’s may just view you as a friend and this could lead to some referrals to your business!

Authenticity in presentations

Let’s face it, when someone is not being authentic in a presentation or is not really there in the present, you can totally see it. They might be thinking about something that happened earlier in the day or maybe what kind of beer they are going to drink tonight at the bar. To be truly effective in delivering your message, you need to be present. Your mind needs to be focused on your desired outcome.

With the Internet, all information is available literally at our finger tips within seconds and freely a lot of the time. Giving people information doesn’t give people value, it simply steals their time. It’s no longer just about giving information, but it’s all about giving an actual meaning to the information. Maybe putting it into a story form to teach them a lesson or creating a video that captivates the viewer and takes them on a journey of self-discovery.

Listening and why you NEED to start doing it…

We’ve got 2 ears and 1 mouth just like this little guy, but we often overlook that fact…

The thing about great communicators and how they are truly authentic is that the greater half of communication lies in how well you actually hear what the other person is saying…not in what you say or how you say it.

Great salespeople are those who have learned to become great communicators by listening. They listen because they are interested in what the other person has to say and to learn from that person. NOT because they just want to make a sale.

Turning in the direction of the skid..

When dealing with potential customers, they often have issues that arise. As a person in my position, a common objective I hear when approaching offline businesses about online marketing is that “this seems like a waste of money” and I immediately can relate to them, because I have worked with businesses that thought online marketing would be a waste of money….and guess what, these businesses have benefited 🙂

By putting myself in their shoes and understanding where they are coming from with their business, I can relate that marketing online can be a scary medium to advertise. What I try to get to is the root of why they feel it is a little scary and why they feel it might be a waste of money. By finding out what type of results they are interested in attaining from this medium of advertising, I can better help them with their advertising budgeting or I can help them realize that this might not be the right choice for them at this time.

When asking for a sale, you still need to be authentic…but how?

Alright, here’s a cool little tip for asking for a sale and still serving the other person first.

Apply no pressure and provide an escape. Instead of trying to close your prospect and get them upset…provide an escape for the other person. “If you can’t do it, I’ll definitely understand.” These 8 words allow for you to open up the selling process and put the ball in their court. This completely separates you from traditional salespeople and will stand out in the mind of your prospect. This eliminates the pressure and allows for them to be more relaxed, ultimately making the right decision for them.

I’d highly recommend picking up a copy of “Go-Givers Sell More” to learn more about these concepts. You can get a copy at Amazon by clicking the link below:

Also, if you are learning the Laws of Stratospheric Success, your next law is The Law of Receptivity

The Law of Influence

Influence is something that we often forget about as Entrepreneur’s. We always have 100’s of projects going on and millions of things flying through our subconscious and conscious mind (at least that’s how I feel)

However, influence is something that we often take for granted and don’t actually think about as we usually focus on creating great content 😉

With the Internet as a “tool in our Entrepreneurial Utility Belt” we are able to get our information out to almost an infinite amount of people to help them. However, for me, whenever I focus on creating content I usually try to just share what I’ve learned and hopefully this will help benefit someone or another in building their business, either saving them time or money…better yet, both!

Social Networking also allows for us to really have more influence than we ever though possible. On Facebook, if you post something on someone’s wall, it shows up to ALL of their friends network. With tagging on Facebook, it allows for everyone in your network to see the message along with everyone on other peoples networks. (Huge Potential for proper marketing) The same is true on Twitter, when you post to Twitter and someone Re-Tweet’s your information, it allows you to tap into another person’s network and often leads to more followers for you and can often turn a cold market into a relationship! The internet allows for information to spread like wild-fire and allows for massive followings to be developed relatively quickly.

This is why you want to constantly be putting out value

in everything you do because if someone comes across your page and sees how much value you are sharing, it helps influence their decision on whether or not you are someone that they would like to work with/buy from in the future. The same is true if you put out bad content, people know and people will NOT do business with you if you put out bad content for FREE, what is your content that they pay for going to be? You guessed it, just as bad!

You may be familiar with Archimedes of Greece, who said “Give me a place to stand, and I can move the world.” after learning about leverage. Guess what? You have that place to stand and it is your reputation!

Pushing vs Pulling in sales, What’s the difference?!?!

Great question! I had no idea either… shame on me for not knowing something…oh well, I know nothing 🙂

In sales, pushing is telling people what you want. Think of yourself as a used car salesman, or me. Here’s what I’d say to someone looking at a car…. “Oh yes, Jim, this is the finest car on the lot. It’s perfect for you, I can totally see you driving off the lot in it within the hour!” <– Can you tell i’m not good at this?

Okay, so what is pulling then?

Pulling in sales is finding out what the person who is shopping actually wants. Getting down to the root of their desires for the product or service and helping them find it. Back to me as the car salesman. “Well Jim, tell me what type of car you are looking for today.” “a Toyota Corolla, okay do you have a year in mind or a certain color you are looking for? What are you looking to have with this car? A sunroof? Oh, well we have a large selection of Corolla’s with sun roofs that we can have you test drive to see if any of them are something that you could see yourself in.”

I think I could be a salesperson if I did it that way… the reason for that is because I was pulling Jim towards the car that he ultimately wanted. All that I was doing was being a resource to him and helping him find what he was already looking for. I don’t know about you, but to me this seems like a lot better way to do business with people. It makes the customer HAPPY about getting what they wanted and more likely to still remain a friend of yours, if someone pushed me into buying a car I would most likely resent them for it…

What makes a great salesperson?

A secret that great salespeople know is to build great networks and they do this by focusing their actions on looking out for the other person’s interests and serving their needs. These people give credit away. If you ever played sports and had a good coach, you probably recognized this trait that the coach had. For me, it was a soccer coach I had who gave credit where it was deserved and he instilled this into me. If I scored a goal, I’d always look to the person who set me up with a great assist and be appreciative for their help in taking the team to victory!

To become a great salesperson and increase your influence, start thinking of the other person’s interests first. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!

Your personal Sphere of Influence

Each individual person has a sphere of influence that has an average of 250 people. These people come from all different backgrounds and lifestyles as is depicted by the image below:

Every human being that you come into contact with has a Sphere of Influence that consists of on average, 250 people. What does this mean to you?

This means that if you can influence the life of 1 person, you can influence their personal sphere of influence meaning an extra 250 people. With the internet, you can leverage this and end up impacting thousands of people in a relatively short amount of time.. This is one of the reasons that I use the Internet to help share what I learn, because of the impact it can have because of it’s viral nature.

It’s the people that are in the other persons sphere of influence who are most likely to become our customers and clients. So, a tip here is to just be genuine to everyone, provide as much value as you can and be yourself!

It’s odd, but the thing is…YOU don’t find your greatest customers, THEY find you through the influence that you have. Are you creating positive impressions and positive influence or are your influences negative?

I hope that this has helped you out and has helped you understand the Law of Influence.

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The Law of Compensation

Touching as many people’s lives as possible is the next step along our journey to achieving stratospheric success.

Doing good all the time seems like something that will lead you down a path of being broke. If I’m constantly giving, wouldn’t it seem like I’d lose all the things that I currently possess?

This law got me a little confused

but after learning the true potential behind it, I realized that it truly isn’t about the money…but it’s about the IMPACT that we have on other people, whether they are our client or not.

In the awesome picture professionally drawn by yours truly, you can see the difference between example 1 and example 2. In example 1 there is a little bit of a bond established between you and your prospect/client. In the second example, you see that the bond has grown. When the bond grows, the KLT principle increases, your client gets to Know you better, starts to Like you more, and they have more Trust in you and your service. A tip for building these relationships is to let the other person shine, to let their genius show and not to try to be the “one-up guy”.

Think about ways that you can help this other person by providing value to them, offering a helping hand, or even offering some advice.

Even though there isn’t a tremendous difference in the relationship between you and the client, it improves the impact that you have on their life. It allows for YOU to become a more trusted advisor to the client and this sometimes leads to referrals directly from them, even if they aren’t the one who is buying your product or service! When you take the time to build bonds with people, they are more likely to help you out just like you and I are more likely to help a friend move into/out of an apartment. (I remember over the summer one of my buddies called me up at 10:30pm and said he needed to move out of his apartment by midnight because he was living with a crazy girl…of course, I stopped what I was doing and went right to his apartment and helped him move his stuff. The reason for this is because we had built up a bond and I gladly helped him)

The same is true in business

Bonds are created through networking and building up relationships with one another. Often we are taught that competition is bad and we often hate our competitors. However, this isn’t a good approach to business as Collaboration is good for Entrepreneurs. By building up relationships and bonds with others, we increase the impact that we have in our industry. The more impact we have, the more people’s lives we can touch and ultimately improve! How awesome is that, we have the opportunity to help people, impact their life and help them. I don’t know about you, but I find that this is an amazing way to live life.

The cold hard truth about sales…

Making sales is a concept. Touching lives is a reality. Sales is not about concepts; it’s about people.

Keep this in mind when you are thinking about the “hard selling concepts” which are becoming less and less important in today’s business world. Transparency is in and helping people is going to be the cornerstone of successful businesses.

Questions to consider:

“How can I improve the life of _______”

“How can I make a difference in _________’s life?”

“What is the best way for me to teach this?”

“How will this information help my target audience solve a problem that they are having?”

I’d love for some input from you on this and as always would love for you to share this with others if it has helped you in any way.

“Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.” –The Law of Compensation.

You can pick up a copy of the book, “Go-Givers Sell More” by clicking on the link below: This is where I learned this information, a great book that I highly recommended all people who are interested in business/sales/referrals..

and if you are more curious about the laws of stratospheric success I recommend reading “The Law of Influence” next

January 29, 2010

The Law of Value

As you are familiar from the book, “The Go-Giver“, the Law of Value states that “Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.”

Well, as a young entrepreneur in business we’re also aware that we need to make sales to make money, right? (I’m nodding yes)

However, we need to also be aware that the important thing isn’t making the sale, it is about allowing the exchange of money for a service to happen. A little confusing? Yeah, I got that too.

Say it with me now “I create value…”

What we want to be doing as Entrepreneur’s when we are selling our services is to just allow for the transaction to take place. We AREN’T making a sale, we are receiving it.

When creating “value” we need to view our work as creating value and not just trading “time for $$”(which is often the mindset we start with, at least it was in my case). When I first got started as an Entrepreneur, I thought in terms of “$8 an hour”  which caused me to basically only do $8/hour worth of work. It’s true, you get what you pay for and I wasn’t putting out information that was worth more than $8-10 an hour, so no one would pay any more. (Sad realization, but one that needed to take place in my mind)

It’s clear to me now that in order to increase the amount of money I earn each hour/day/year, all I needed to do was put out value that was worth more than $8 an hour. Say for example that I want to eventually make $10,000 an hour for public speaking. To get to that point, I need to be able to create enough value to where 10,000 people paying $1 to attend this seminar would get at least $10-$100 worth of value from me in that hour.

My Gift To You!

It’s true that 4-5ths of all selling is spent creating value. The other part is just receiving the sale from an eager person waiting to enjoy the benefits of the value you create.

As soon as we learn to think in the terms of “creating value”, our lives start to transform. With the Internet as a “tool” in our utility belt, we can leverage the hell out of our time. (think creating videos, eBooks, audio’s, training power-points, etc etc) The internet allows us to share our valuable content with the world and connect like never before with our super-happy customers.

We need to start investing in ourselves and in the things that we do, allowing our strengths & passions to shine through in all we do. (rhyme, +1 point)

What I am going to be doing is dedicating my time to creating amazing value, so much value that you literally want to come to my house and take me out for dinner for delivering such good value. Haha, anyways what I intend on spending my time thinking from now on is not in the terms of “how much money will I make for this”, but switch it to “how much value can I provide my readers” .

The 2 questions to ask yourself…

“Does it serve?”

“Does it add value to others?”

and the question we finally get to ask ourselves is “Does it make money?” and using the Internet as a tool, we can pretty much make money with ANY type of idea, from teaching Juggling Secrets to saving money by renting college textbooks.  (yes, I make money if you choose to buy the Juggling course, or rent some textbooks, saving you $$ 🙂 that’s the power of the Internet)

Giving value just becomes a part of us and you know what, it feels AWESOME when you give value. Everything from helping someone grow their business like I love to do, or volunteering at a local food shelter adds value to someone and you feel AWESOME after doing these things, trust me 😉

If you want, you can pick up “Go-Givers Sell More” by clicking the amazon link below:

and if you are more curious about the laws of stratospheric success I recommend reading “The Law of Compensation” next