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What’s Your Perfect Day?

I’ve got a question for you and would love to have your input. This is a little different from the traditional “blog post”, however I felt that this would be a great way for me to get to know you. So, you’re going to need to participate a little bit if you want.

If there were no limitations or consequences, what would your perfect average day look like?

Average day means: stuff you could do everyday and not die or get sick of
No limitations: no financial limitations, geopgraphical, health, limiting people, nothing

Consequences: not stuff that you could get “into trouble” for

Please leave your feedback on what your perfect day would be! I’d love to learn more about YOU!

Things to consider:

Where would you live?
What would your house look like? What would it smell like?
What time would you wake up?
What would yo do in the morning? Perfect breakfast?
Where would you spend the first half of your day?
What would you have for lunch and who would you eat with?
Who would your friends be? What would their behaviors be?
What would you do for personal fulfillment?
What life purpose would you strive for?
What time would you start work?
What would you actually DO at work?

Get down to the mundane stuff and it will help you with getting to where you want to be. If you’d like, I’d love for you to create a  blog post and link it back to this post!

How To Get Through the Toughest Times

“Big stuff is made up of small stuff, so you better sweat the small stuff!” 

We all experience tough times in our lives, it is what we do during these times that decides where we will be in a few years. These experiences shape our future and we can choose to power through them, or we can choose to do absolutely nothing. For both of our sakes, I hope that you choose to power through them!

If you believe that your life is getting worse and worse, whether it be physically, financially, and emotionally your life really is getting worse and worse.

However, there is something that you can do about it. This thing is to change your perspective on how you view each individual situation and how you react to it. Life’s opportunities for advancement and financial achievement come from people. Verbal and written encouragement come from people. It is true that specific people are put in our life for a particular reason, but in general, it is the people who are the delivery vehicle for opportunity and encouragement.

The reason that you may feel your life is getting worse and worse is because you are receiving fewer opportunities and encouragement than you could use.

Knowing that your opportunities and encouragement comes from other people, why are you not getting your fair share of these? The simplest reason for this is that NO ONE WANTS TO BE AROUND YOU.

If no one wants to be around us, we are not going to be offered opportunities and encouragement because they flat out don’t want to be around us, let alone offer us opportunities to be better.

The opposite of this is also true. There are certain people who seem to be getting opportunity after opportunity as well as a ton of encouragement. People who’s lives are getting better and better by the day. Each day they are offered a new opportunity or offered encouragement to do better than they previously have and this helps them to constantly improve and be better. This individual also never seems to be discouraged, but WHY?!

The reason why is that this person is a ‘people magnet’

This person is fun, happy, and exciting. This person is offered more opportunities and encouragement because they naturally attract it to them by being a people magnet.

“If you want folks to believe in you, then it really helps if they like you.”

Simply put…You want to become a person that others want to be around! No matter where you are in your life, you can change. You can become someone who people want to be around but it will take time.. A good book to read about this is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie and if you click on that link, you’ll get a review of the book.

By becoming a person that others want to be around, you are granted the greatest success secret in existence. “A man or woman who has become someone others want to be around holds the world by the tail. He can get a meeting with any executive. Why? Because he is loved and appreciated by the executive’s assistant! He gets the listing, gets the sale or the promotion. He gets the extra help, the extra time, and the pay. He gets the chance, the second chance, and the benefit of the doubt. And all because people like him.” -The Noticer

“What is is about me that other people would change if they could?”

This single question can help you to become more liked by people. It may be hard to deal with up front, but it’s supposed to be. Life isn’t meant to be easy, now is it?

Other great questions that you can ask yourself are:

What is it about the way I dress that other people would change if they could?

What is it about the way I act that other people would change if they could?

What is it about the way I talk that other people would change if they could?

These are life changing questions and I hope you take the time to answer each one of these.

If you are in a difficult situation in your life, you should take the time to answer these questions and be absolutely truthful to yourself about your answers. Don’t fluff up anything, get down to the core. You may be going through one of the hardest points in your life, just remember that it can and will get better BUT you must take certain steps to getting to the best parts of your life.


Impossible is Nothing.

adidas- Impossible is Nothing

“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact, it’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration, it’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”

~ Laila Ali (Mohammad Ali’s Daughter)

I shared with you in the last post that I used to play soccer, so I thought I’d share something soccer related with this post. You may be familiar with Adidas’ “Impossible is Nothing” promotions or you may not be. If you haven’t taken the time to watch the video above, take the 3:34 and watch it. It’s truly inspirational and shows that nothing is truly impossible.

The reason that I’m writing about this today is because I am starting to realize more and more that people are always telling you and I that we can’t do something. SCREW THEM! We can do anything that we want to do. There is no point in letting what someone tells you hold you down. We are the only person who can decide our future. We make the decisions that influence our lives, it’s no one’s decision but our own.

I’m sick and tired of people telling us that we can’t do something. If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that. Adidas says it best with their Impossible is Nothing slogan and I believe this is the truth more than anything I’ve heard in a long time. If you are stuck on something in your life, there is a reason. It’s because you have made this thing seem impossible. I’ve done it with a lot of different things in my life. I’ve made certain things impossible in my mind and that is the reason that I haven’t accomplished them. Now is the time to MAKE EVERYTHING POSSIBLE. If you want to learn how to truly be happy, there is a way. Find someone who is truly happy and learn from them! If you want to make more money, learn from someone who makes more than you.

When you do this, you’ll start to notice that these people thought that accomplishing what they now have was once impossible. YET they made it entirely possible by breaking it down and doing it. You can do this too 😉

Impossible is nothing

What do you think when you read that? For me, I think of all the things that my teachers and coach’s had told me throughout my life. “You’re not tall enough, you aren’t smart enough, you can’t afford to do that, you can’t you can’t you can’t” BLAH BLAH BLAH

BULLSHIT. I CAN. I can do whatever I set my mind out to do and so can you.

As humans, we are programmed to have infinite potential.

There are way too many people in this world who are negative and not enough people who are positive. You hear it everyday from someone, “You can’t do that”. Well, I am here to tell you that “YOU CAN DO IT.”

Man, I feel kind of like a motivational speaker writing this right now. I wrote up a blog addressing whether or not positive self-talk is BS that addresses a little about how many people fail to use positive self talk effectively.

But the truth of the matter is that we really can do anything that we want to. No one can control our actions. If we choose to be successful, we WILL be successful. I’ve made the decision to declare to myself that Impossible Is Nothing and I’m sticking with it. Are you with me?

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