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Is Collaboration Good for Entrepreneur’s?

Collaboration is something that seems to be a major issue for Entrepreneur’s. We are often worried that “If I share my strategies with other Entrepreneur’s, won’t they steal my idea?”

The problem with that type of thinking is that you are coming from a mindset that is of a lack and you need to switch your mindset to one of excess. There is more than enough idea’s, clients and customers to go around and if you switch your mindset, you will notice that you have more than enough of all the resources that you need.

I used the collaboration of Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West in the song “We Run This Town”. In the video I get into details of how collaboration allows for you to have more exposure to your future customers. By collaborating as Entrepreneur’s and doing guest blog posts, creating products as a team, or even having a Mastermind session, we are able to leverage each and everyone’s network who is doing the collaboration.

It’s crazy how we feel that we can’t always connect with other Entrepreneur’s because they are viewed as our “competition” instead of as our potential partners.

The power of partnerships

Partnerships allow for us to leverage the strengths of other people. For example, here’s a story 🙂

Joe is an average guy who started a business taking wedding photo’s. Joe was a great photographer who was exceptional at capturing the perfect light and taking the picture at the exact time when the couple looks it’s best. However, Joe absolutely has no idea how he is going to find people who want to hire him to take their photo’s. Joe tries his warm market and soon runs dry of customers.

Joe heads to a group of business marketing professionals and meets Sam. Sam has grown up with marketing in his veins. He practically bleeds out amazing marketing campaigns. Joe and Sam decide to try out a little deal in which Sam gets 50% of the sale for all referrals he gives to Joe. Joe starts having people request his services at a boost of 10% in the first month!How awesome, what a great concept! However, there is a problem…

Joe can’t keep up with the new flow of customer’s!

Yes, this can happen. If you take the time to collaborate with people who’s STRENGTHS are your WEAKNESSES, then you can see a significant boost in your business. There really is no point in focusing on your weaknesses, if you suck at something then you should just collaborate with someone who’s great at what you aren’t! Focus on your strengths!

The world is an amazing place and the Internet allows for us to connect instantly with experts in any field. Just hop onto Twitter and you’ll see how many people there are that you can meet and eventually develop these relationships into partnerships.

Now, do like Joe did and start to play your strengths and find others to take care of your weaknesses!

Look at the difference it makes in the size of reach that the collaboration of Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West have…

All of these circles contain the individual reach of all these artists… Now look at what happens when they collaborate.

The dark area in the middle is where your followers will start to follow what the other artist’s are doing along with them still following you.

With Twitter, you will notice that you get more followers when you get Re-Tweeted by people who have large followings (10K or more followers)

Now how much more powerful will your influence be if you start to get followers and customer’s from your competitors.. You’ll gain more customer’s and more loyal fans!

My New Year’s Resolutions for 2010

I thought that the best way to make sure that I stick with my New Year’s Resolution is to make a blog post and share it with the world. I’d like to give you my resolutions as well as give you some advice and tips on how to follow through with yours.


I will exercise 5-7 days a week. NO EXCUSES. Proper exercise is so important to me and there is no reason that I can not dedicate an hour every single day to do some sort of exercise. I will be starting another 90 day P90X workout and will be recording some stuff with it to help others who are doing the workout!

Proper Eating

I will continue eating healthy, yet want to try some raw food into my diet as well as implementing wheat grass  into my diet. If you want to help me out and either buy some wheat grass seeds or something else to help, you can buy me one of them from my Amazon wish list 🙂

For 90 Days during my P90X Extreme workout I only ate unhealthy on 3 different days. I will have 1 day a week where I will be able to substitute some not so healthy food into my diet. Maybe a few Reese Cups (my favorite candy) or some Nacho’s from Taco Bell.

My happiness first

2010 is going to be the year that I declare as the year where I think about myself first and my happiness first. I’m no longer going to do the things that make me unhappy. I will start to do things every day that guarantee my happiness.


I want to start traveling more and actually get to some of the destinations on my Travel list. I will start to plan to visit some of these places and actually spend time in these different places. Maybe it will be one place that I visit, but it’s a start. We all need to start somewhere, right?

Connect with fellow Entrepreneurs

I will make a major point of connecting with fellow Entrepreneurs and collaborating with them to create some great content. I’ve connected with a ton so far, but I feel that there is so much more that can be accomplished when we collaborate.

Create a TON of valuable content

Pretty self explanatory. I want to create killer content to share with people as well as work with businesses to help them establish a better presence online.

Become a Go-Giver first

You can learn about becoming a Go-Giver on my blog review of The Go-Giver I will start to implement the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success to guarantee that I will be more successful in 2010 than I was in 2009.

Go on more dates

2010 will be the first year that I will start out as a single man for the past 3 years. You probably know me well enough to know that if I want to learn something, I buy products that teach me how I can learn it.

So, I bought some products by David DeAngelo, mainly Double Your Dating and Approaching Women video series and will be dedicating time each day to improve myself and my dating life. He speaks of making a commitment to improving your dating life and I am making a commitment for 2010 to improve my dating life. I will implement more of the cocky & funny and really enjoy the time I spend speaking with women.

Re-Create Juggling Secrets and gear it towards business owners

Right now I am reading a book called “More Balls than Hands” by Michael Gelb and he is speaking a lot about the importance of Juggling as a way of learning to balance your business life. I want to turn this juggling course into a resource for business owners so that they can learn the benefits of juggling for their business as well as learn how to balance more projects in a more efficient way.

Create a successful business performing Internet Marketing Services for Small Businesses

I am going to follow through with my business and turn it into a successful business this year. I will hire my first employees and take on more accounts in order to reach my goals.

Become an outstanding individual

I want to further develop my social skills. Interact with more people each and every day. I will make it a point to start more conversations with people who I meet in classes, in seminars, at business meetups, conferences, standing in line for food and everywhere I go. I will become more of a social person in 2010.

Read more

I know that this is difficult, but I am obsessed with learning and will continue to read 1-2 books or more a month. Hopefully I will be able to increase my reading speed further so that I can read more, faster. 🙂

Won’t be so obsessed with work

For a while I had a problem where all I would do was work . I will spend more time hanging out with friends and actually enjoying some of my free time. I need to start doing this so that I do not become a complete workaholic and overwork myself. Along with this, I will be able to dedicate more times to hang out with friends 🙂

How to Finally Keep Your Resolutions in 2010 is a great post by Brenton Gieser and he pretty much summed up everything that I had wanted to sum up in my message to you about how to keep your resolutions 🙂 Check it out!

What are your resolutions for this year? Have you planned any or are you scared? Let me know so that I can help you accomplish your goals!

Is Technology Ruining Gen-Y Entrepreneur’s Lives?


Walking around campus today I noticed something…. 8 out of 10 people I passed on my walk back to my apartment were

A) on cell phones
B) listening to iPod
C) both.

DAMN!!! What happened to social interactions among the younger generations? I’m not going to lie, I am guilty of listening to my iPod while walking to classes but I try to smile and say hello to those people who aren’t too caught up in their own music/phone to smile back and say hi. Many times people don’t even acknowledge that they are out in public and passing people on their walk. I’d like to know if you are noticing this in your day to day encounters as well.

What do you think is going to happen to the world if we continue along this path?

To be honest, I’m a little worried. What’s the future going to bring for those of us who grow up using cell phones, iPods, and laptops every day? Are we even going to be able to participate in an offline conversation? Will social interactions die as we know them? I don’t want to be 40 years old and struggle to have a conversation with someone because all I know how to do is “TXT LoL rofl!”

I don’t know about you but I personally do a lot of my work on my laptop and spend a great deal of time on my laptop or listening to audio books on my iPod but I still try to dedicate time where I interact with other people in my daily life.

This year I have started to realize the importance of relationships and have noticed that many of my relationships have taken a back seat to me building my business. I always seem to be either working on my laptop or learning about something related to the business. Of course I mix in working out for an hour/ hour and a half every day(if you aren’t exercising every day, you NEED to be). But I haven’t devoted as much time to developing relationships as much as I should be. Have you?

I feel that this is often a major problem for us Gen-Y Entrepreneurs.

We have such huge goals and ambitions that we often overlook the simple things in life. I know that if I didn’t chose the path of Entrepreneurship that I would most definitely still be doing the traditional college stuff like drinking 3-5 times a week and spending all my money on things that won’t benefit my future. I know that this is what the average person says that college is for, but as an Entrepreneur I feel that college is a time for me to learn about myself and develop myself into who I want to be. Maybe you’re in the same boat as me and want more out of life than just the traditional 9-to-5 bullshit.

You are probably like me if you are reading this blog, and I am glad that I am not alone in this. It’s a struggle and often times I feel like I am alone in this struggle (probably one of the reasons I have turned to social media to network with those like me )

The reason I am writing this post is that I am committing to make a change. I am committed to change who I am, to make myself a better person and to influence lives for the better. I am committing myself to devoting time to enhance relationships and take some time away from work. This may seem counter-intuitive because as young entrepreneurs we need to be working to make that money everyday right?

WRONG! We often aren’t as productive as we could be. Read Personal Productivity-Get More Done By Working Less for more information on this.

To end this post, I am not telling you to quit what you are doing on social media and spending time on the computer at all. I wouldn’t be able to build my business as efficiently without the use of my cell phone, blogs, twitter, facebook and forums. All that I am trying to get at is that sometimes we need to take a little break from our work and technology. Sometimes our biggest business breakthroughs will come when you have no technology or anything within your reach. Think about when you are at the beach and just relaxing, listening to the waves crash.

Take the time to enjoy your life, smell the roses and just sit there for a little bit each day.

You can try to meditate but it can be difficult to do, I try to do it for about 10 minutes each day. Sometimes longer depending on how stressed I have been. Just clearing my mind and thinking about absolutely nothing. A tip for this is to take all of your thoughts and gather them together, place them into a box and then throw a grenade in that box BOOOOM!!!! Woohoo nothing left anymore! < ---a little crazy but that's the best way for me to think about "nothing" I hope this will help you have a better day and if it doesn't, you can send me hate mail. If you have any questions feel free to comment below and I'll help as much as I can. Remember, I'm learning just as you are so I don't know everything. In fact... I know nothing.

What is “Speed of Implementation” and Why Do I Need It?

what is speed of implementation

There was a Harvard study of sales people who made over $250,000 a year from their sales. Researchers found that the most successful sales people had one trait in common. (Someone mentioned this may not be a true Harvard study, even if it isn’t I’ve found this trait to be essential for successful Entrepreneurs)

Speed of Implementation

So what is this “Speed of Implementation” that made so much money for so many people?

The simplest way that I’ve come to accept it as is depicted in this picture. (as drawn by myself, clearly a pro paint user)


What this means is that when these salesmen got a new idea, something they thought
would work better, they started using it immediately.

They didn’t sit around debating it, they just put it into action and it quickly became part of their
behavior. (Not too hard, right?)

Speed of implementation is key because it takes effort to do something
new… and the longer you wait to implement a certain thing, whether its creating videos,
writing blogs, or other tasks, the more the initial burst of
energy and commitment that your new idea brought will dissipate.

Just be aware that we are prone to sticking to our old ways and our habits….even if we know they’re bad or in-effective.

Therefore, the faster you implement the change, the more likely you are to succeed with it! Also, your old patterns will start to fade away while your new ones take over!!! This is when things can get fun and your creativity goes THROUGH THE ROOF!


When you get a good idea write it down, plan how you’re going to use it,
and then start using it immediately.

The more quickly you use it and the more you keep using it, the more likely it is to become a habit of yours. If you are constantly
improving your repertoire with new techniques, you’ll find your results rapidly improving too.