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Make It Count

I just watched this video thanks to my friend Mandee Widrick for sharing it.

It’s for Nike Fuel and is pretty legit. I’m still waiting for Nike to send me one of these things for free so I can create a product review of it. What do ya say, Nike people?

That’s besides the point though. These people took some money and went on an awesome adventure. The kind of adventures I will be taking.

The best thing about this video, besides all the great quotes and cool video editing, is that the message applies to everyone. We only have one life to live and need to make the best of it.

What is something you are going to do that will Make It Count?

What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?

I just read the article on Tim Ferriss‘ blog Playing B-Ball with Obama: 6 Steps to Crossing Anything Off Your Bucket List and learned about the guys over at The Buried Life.

Watch this quick:

I’ve gotta admit, this is awesome. These guys are doing something big and are doing something great for the world. I admire people who do this kind of stuff and love seeing people like these guys experience success.

They are all about accomplishing the big things on your bucket list. I’m a huge fan of this because I have a lot of things on my list that I will accomplish.

One of the biggest things on my bucket list is to positively impact the lives of over 1 million people. Crazy, right?

 Ninety-nine percent of people believe they can’t do great things, so they aim for mediocrity.

I say f*** mediocrity. I’m only on this planet for a limited time and I’m going to do big things.

While I still have a lot of work to do to make a significant change, I’m knocking things off my list. This year I’ve written a book, improved my golf game, donated to great causes and I’m working with a company that’s going to make a huge difference in the lives of teens with Tollie International.

I plan on doing a lot more of these things and plan on doing things like help build a house, travel the world and mentor a young entrepreneur.

what do you want to do before you die

The guys at The Buried Life have a book available that you can buy. It’s only $11 and you can buy it on Amazon.

These guys are absolutely hilarious as well. Check out some of the funny videos they’ve created to promote the book below:





Duncan vs Mark Zuckerberg

Ben Finally Asks Out Megan Fox

Now I’ve gotta ask you….

What do YOU want to do before you die?


Why The Grass is Green: According to My 5th Grade Self

My mom sent me the journal that we had to write in during 5th grade today. Back then I despised writing which is funny because now I really enjoy it. It’s funny how we change as we age.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little excerpt and become enlightened with my superior 5th grade intellect.

“The grass is green because little green meteorites hit the earth. When they hit the brown surface it turned green. The green meteorites hit the earth a long time ago. Then the humans came. They thought they made it when they came.” -March 3 , 1999

Clearly I knew what I was talking about. This is yet another reason that I went into business instead of any other field.

why the grass is green

Image: kangshutters /

What Do You Need Help With?

Some of the ideas I have are out there. Ideas like hiring me for a week have turned into pretty cool little adventures for me. (PS- you can still hire me for a week if you’d like. I haven’t traveled anywhere in a while and would love to venture outside of Florida again soon)

Well, I decided that I want to do something else that’s a little crazy.

I want to find a way to help you out.

As you may or may not know, I’m obsessed with learning and read constantly. I’m reading Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi right now and he talks about the value of the relationships you have with people. I try to implement things I learn immediately to see how well they work. To be honest, they usually work out really well and end  up teaching me quite a bit.

So, yet another experiment comes out of the crazy brain that’s inside of my head.

I want to know exactly what you need help with.


If you need a website designed, let me know.

If you need SEO work done on your site, let me know.

If you need someone to teach you how to dougie, let me know. I know of a how to dougie video on youtube I can show you 😉

Haha, but really… I have a huge network of people that I know that are willing and able to help you out.

What Do I Get Out Of This?

I do appreciate that you’d think of me in a time like this, but who cares what I get at this point. This is about you and helping you out.

My business is coming along great and each month it is improving. The reason it is constantly improving is because of the people I meet, the connections I make and people like you who help me when I need help.

Now it’s time that I start giving back even more.

I want to turn this post into a sort of “Help Me” section for you.

If you need help with a specific thing, let me know in the comments below. I’m willing to bet that I personally know someone who can help you, or one of my readers will be able to help you find someone who can help you out.

So Tell Me….What Do YOU Need Help With?

Bring Yarik Home – Help Spread a Great Message

Lately I’ve been in a “I want to help people” mode. The past few posts here have been about finding ways to help other people and spread other people’s messages.

Think I’m crazy for trying to help other people? Good. I am.

The other day while I was at one of my part-time jobs and I started talking with one of the girls who I work with. Little did I know, she was doing something that I admire a lot. Her husband and her were on a mission to adopt a boy from the Ukraine.

People who do things like this honestly have hearts of gold and I admire them…a lot.

The problem was that they need to raise $30,000 to get him over to the US. That’s quite a bit of money to raise when you think about the average salary of someone in the US.

Who is Yarik?

Before you continue reading, I want you to learn a little bit about Yarik. This was taken from Bring Yarik Home‘s website:

“Yarik is an 8 year old orphan from Ukraine who was fortunate enough to be part of a group of children that came to the United States for a 3 week stay over the holidays. During his stay with a wonderful family (The Melnicks), we were able meet and spend time with him. Over the course of the three week stay, we developed a special place in our hearts for little Yarik. We have decided to move forward with adopting him and bringing him back to the United States to his forever home. The process we are about to embark on will be a very costly and time consuming one. We are asking for the support and prayers of all of our friends and family while we continue this process and eventually bring Yarik home. ”

How I Want to Help

Alright so I want to help Jenn and Paul. I don’t have $30,000 to just give them to adopt, but I do have a specific skill set that I can use. I’m very good at Internet Marketing and creating simple web sites that can be used for small businesses. What better way to help them then by giving away a website in exchange for a donation?

I have a very limited amount of time, but can build 1 website for a small business this month. I charge $500 for websites that I create with 50% paid up-front and 50% upon completion. That is a very good deal for anyone who wants to have a website completed. There may be some extra charges if you want to have a new logo created for your business and have a graphics package, but the average cost is $500. The logo and graphics will bump the price up to $600.

If you know of any businesses that need a new website, I would love to create it for them as long as they are willing to use the money to go towards bringing Yarik home.

How You Can Help

There are a few ways that you can help. One of the simplest and easy ways you can help is to just share this post on Facebook or Twitter. This will spread the message and help more people see this.

You can choose to donate $5 or $10 on the donation page here > Ways to Help Bring Yarik Home



(I just donated)

You can contact me by leaving a comment below and buy that $500 website package. I will then donate the money on behalf of my company, Brain Smart Success.

I hope to help Jenn and Paul get this kid because Jenn has a heart of gold and although I haven’t met Paul, I can pretty much guarantee he does too. Please help spread the message and help.