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Bring Yarik Home – Help Spread a Great Message

Lately I’ve been in a “I want to help people” mode. The past few posts here have been about finding ways to help other people and spread other people’s messages.

Think I’m crazy for trying to help other people? Good. I am.

The other day while I was at one of my part-time jobs and I started talking with one of the girls who I work with. Little did I know, she was doing something that I admire a lot. Her husband and her were on a mission to adopt a boy from the Ukraine.

People who do things like this honestly have hearts of gold and I admire them…a lot.

The problem was that they need to raise $30,000 to get him over to the US. That’s quite a bit of money to raise when you think about the average salary of someone in the US.

Who is Yarik?

Before you continue reading, I want you to learn a little bit about Yarik. This was taken from Bring Yarik Home‘s website:

“Yarik is an 8 year old orphan from Ukraine who was fortunate enough to be part of a group of children that came to the United States for a 3 week stay over the holidays. During his stay with a wonderful family (The Melnicks), we were able meet and spend time with him. Over the course of the three week stay, we developed a special place in our hearts for little Yarik. We have decided to move forward with adopting him and bringing him back to the United States to his forever home. The process we are about to embark on will be a very costly and time consuming one. We are asking for the support and prayers of all of our friends and family while we continue this process and eventually bring Yarik home. ”

How I Want to Help

Alright so I want to help Jenn and Paul. I don’t have $30,000 to just give them to adopt, but I do have a specific skill set that I can use. I’m very good at Internet Marketing and creating simple web sites that can be used for small businesses. What better way to help them then by giving away a website in exchange for a donation?

I have a very limited amount of time, but can build 1 website for a small business this month. I charge $500 for websites that I create with 50% paid up-front and 50% upon completion. That is a very good deal for anyone who wants to have a website completed. There may be some extra charges if you want to have a new logo created for your business and have a graphics package, but the average cost is $500. The logo and graphics will bump the price up to $600.

If you know of any businesses that need a new website, I would love to create it for them as long as they are willing to use the money to go towards bringing Yarik home.

How You Can Help

There are a few ways that you can help. One of the simplest and easy ways you can help is to just share this post on Facebook or Twitter. This will spread the message and help more people see this.

You can choose to donate $5 or $10 on the donation page here > Ways to Help Bring Yarik Home



(I just donated)

You can contact me by leaving a comment below and buy that $500 website package. I will then donate the money on behalf of my company, Brain Smart Success.

I hope to help Jenn and Paul get this kid because Jenn has a heart of gold and although I haven’t met Paul, I can pretty much guarantee he does too. Please help spread the message and help.

WaterForward: The Clean Water Movement

The other day I sent out a tweet that said that I’d like to help give back $5,000 this year to meaningful causes. When I sent this, I received a message from Adam Haun and he said he had something that I might be interested in helping with.

He sent me over an email with information about Water Forward, which is “A movement to bring clean water to almost a billion people without it.”

I went over to the website and spent some time browsing around to see what it was all about. You can check out the video below to learn more.

Watch the Video to See How It Works:

How WaterForward works. from charity: water on Vimeo.

What is Water Forward?

WaterForward is a global movement to bring clean water to almost a billion people living without it.

It started with a simple idea: what if millions of people using social media donate just $10 per each of their friends to help end the water crisis? Then, they ask their friends to pay it forward. The chain would continue until every single person had clean water to drink. The faces of those who helped would fill a digital book which would then be printed and become a part of history.

That’s how WaterForward works. We hope to use the almost one billion people using social media to help the almost one billion living without clean drinking water.

How Does WaterForward work?

Step 1. A friend puts you in the book. You can’t put yourself in the book. A friend who was put in the book by someone else must pay it forward to you. They have to donate $10 in your name to get you in.

Step 2. You pay it forward. Once you’re in, you can pay it forward to someone else by donating $10 to get them in. If you don’t pay it forward, then the chain of giving stops with you.

Step 3. People get access to clean water. charity: water uses 100% of the money to fund water projects and bring clean water to people in need.

How Do I Get In The Book?

A friend must pay it forward to you; they have to donate $10 and choose your name from their list of friends in order for you to be in the book. See if you have any friends in the book by logging in with your Facebook or Twitter account.

Don’t have any friends in the book yet? Sign up to receive a Random Act of Kindness. This is like a waiting list, where people who are already in the book can donate on behalf of strangers. We’ll contact you if someone’s Random Act of Kindness is matched to you.

You can learn more at the Frequently Asked Page

I ‘m on page 52…

I’m Going To Pay It Forward to 10 People

I personally thought this concept was awesome and it will help me with one of my life goals which is to help over 1,000,000 people in some way or another. Although I won’t know the direct impact that my donations will make, I know that it will go for a good cause.

I’m going to be paying it forward for 10 people to get into this book. Leave me a comment below if you’d like to be one of these people. But remember, if you aren’t going to pay it forward then I will not pay it forward to you so please be serious about this.