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What Can I Work On In Business?

What situations in business make you uncomfortable?

Write them down. What are you feeling?

Where did it start and how long ago?

The situations that make you uncomfortable in business are those when you are at your weakest and most vulnerable points. At these moments, you make the biggest mistakes, the mistakes that are inhibiting you from performing and feeling better.

Attack these things that you wrote down and your life will accelerate.

I know that this stuff isn’t easy to hear, and its really difficult to follow, but it’s for both of these reasons that hearing and following this will lead you to a special place. Because of the fact that when most people here this, they turn around and run the other way, repeating their mistakes and holding themselves back.

DON’T!!!! Do this small exercise every week. It will leave you sore, but it will make you dramatically stronger.

To truly thrive, you must find what makes you uncomfortable and become comfortable with this.

Maybe this thing is sitting in front of a video camera and creating great content through videos, maybe it’s getting the guts to call a prospect on the phone about your opportunity, others find that this thing is public speaking for a job.

If you don’t start to do this, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten… just remember that.

What’s up?

Hey, welcome to my blog!

I’m going to be using this blog to share personal development information, life experiences, traveling and a few business tips for you.

Hope you enjoy this and come back for more great stuff!

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