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Take a minute right now and just think about what it would be like to make $100 each day from work that you did a month or more ago…really, close your eyes and imagine it.

How would an extra $100 a day change your life?

($105.12 in one day all done from work I did once)

Would it allow you to spend a little less time worrying about making money and allow you to spend 1 hour or more with your family or friends each day?

Would it pay for your rent, food and the majority of your bills each month?

I’m thinking that it would probably help you out with paying your bills and would even give you some free time to enjoy life before you get too old to actually enjoy your time on earth. We’ve all heard that retirement is when you’re supposed to enjoy life, but I personally feel like when you’re at the age of retirement you won’t have the energy to do the things that you truly want to do. There are some exceptions, but it’s my guess that you’ll be pretty tired by the end of your normal day when you are at retirement age.

That’s one of the biggest reasons that I picked up Internet Marketing. I wanted to be able to create assets that paid me even if I wasn’t exchanging my time for this money.

Assets are the things that put money in your pocket, no matter what you do. Liabilities are the tasks that take money out of your pocket. I look at my time being more valuable than money because there is always potential to make more money, while there is never the opportunity to make more time. Our time is limited and always will be.

How do you create assets?

You can pick up any financial magazine or book and learn about creating assets so I’m not going to talk about the traditional assets like real estate or stocks. In this post I’m going to refer to websites being used as assets.

Creating assets is all about finding something that will provide a positive return for your initial investment. For the average person, you probably don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to invest in real estate, or the hours of research required to understand real estate. I’m also assuming that you don’t have the knowledge to invest in stocks and you probably don’t want to. (If you do, then more power to you)

I just prefer to create websites and turn them into assets for myself.

Using Websites as Assets

Now before you think “come on man, I don’t know how to create websites”, give me a minute to tell you why it’s easier than you think.

In fact, I guarantee that you can learn to do this in less than a day. Creating websites is so easy now that you don’t even need to know html to create one. There are custom themes that are already put together and all you need to know is how to follow some directions and know how to read and write. (I’m guessing you can read if you’re reading this)

Alright so why should you use websites as assets? I wrote a break-down of all the numbers for those of you who like number crunching at Affiliate Blog Empire – A Passive $100 a Day Through Affiliate Blogs. This blog post breaks down the initial investment of a website, under $10, and shows potential earnings if you follow the Affiliate Blog Empire system.

The reason I like websites as assets is because I can create something that will really solve a problem for someone, as well as make some money by providing these people with a resource to learn more about their problem.

Getting Paid to Solve Problems

I personally love this. I can write about things that people want to know the answer to, or I can create videos that help solve problems. When people get onto the internet, they are looking for answers to their questions. A lot of these people want to just buy a product that solves this problem for them.

For example, someone could have seen the new movie Immortals and wanted to know how to get in shape like the main character did. They’d log onto google and type in “Henry Cavill Workout” to learn more about this workout. What I have done is create a website that’s dedicated to information about working out and how people can get the same physique look as Henry Cavill. I enjoy working out and learning about that stuff so I enjoy writing posts like that and then there is an affiliate product that I can recommend people buy if they want more in depth details and workouts and I get paid a commission for making the sale.

Ryan Magin’s Affiliate Blog Empire

Ryan’s been a mentor and good friend of mine for a few months now. I first met him when he was making about $500 a month from affiliate blogs quite a few months ago. Over the past few months he has been on the grind, hustling his ass off and creating these affiliate blogs non-stop and is up to an average of $200 a day from these  blogs. He’s taught me a ton of information and I’ve started to do the same thing as him.

While I’m not at $200 a day yet, I know that if I keep following the system he set up in Affiliate Blog Empire, I will get there.

In Ryan’s course, he maps out the exact system that he uses to create these sites, get them ranked on the search engines and how to make sales from them. I follow this system and have been making sales ever since. His course is so in-depth it’s unbelievable. You can check out what is included in the course in the video below:


If you want to learn more about Ryan’s course you can get a free case study video for filling your name and email on the site below.

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