Helicopter Tour in Cocoa Beach, Florida

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I had a great time flying over Cocoa Beach, Florida with the guys over at Beachside Helicopters.

Venturing to Playa Coronado, Panama

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The beach is necessary. While my friend Sam was visiting me here in Panama, we decided to take a little trip to the beach! After spending some time looking through all of the beaches within an hour or two of Panama City, we stumbled upon Playa Coronado and immediately just decided we wanted to go [...]

An Unforgettable Night in Panama City

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So on December 10th, my friend Sam came down for a little vacation from her work-life and to get out of the snow. I'm currently in the country of Panama (for all of you who didn't know) and have been here for about 6 weeks after spending some time in both California and Colorado. I'll [...]

ATV Adventures in Boquete, Panama

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Check out this video of my friends and I riding around with ATV Boquete tours and ripping around the mountains of Panama on 4-wheelers. Have you ever done any ATV tours in interesting countries? Where have you done it?

Jumping Into a Blue Hole in Freeport, Bahamas

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  Have you ever had that crazy little feeling rush through your entire body when you're standing over a cliff looking off of it? If you've ever jumped off a bridge into a river, jumped off a cliff into the ocean or done anything where you were jumping off a height you have felt that [...]

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